Growth Goat was founded in 2021 by Dawson Young, a finance enthusiast and social media influencer. Dawson originally started out as a social media marketing expert helping various fintech brands to increase their social media presence

After a lot of research with countless founders, Dawson came to find that an appealing social media wasn't a priority. Like every great business, Callum wanted to solve a problem that fintech companies were struggling with when he realized it was staring him right in the face. Traditional forms of advertising are ineffective especially when trying to reach a genz audience but the solution to the problem of effectively tapping into a genz market came across as a lightbulb moment.

Create a vehicle to help fintechs tap into their desired audience in the form of influencers. With the network of influencers that Dawson has built it enables him to play a game of snap with the companies target audience and the influencers audience to have direct target marketing. 


Since then, Dawson has built a team of data analysts to scrape these influencers audiences as well as genz savvy communicators and specialists. He has also built out marketing systems to enable flexibility and customisation to the fintechs current state.

So whether you just have an idea, are in the product development stage, waitlist stage, or you have been trading for 10 years and you want to modernise the way you reach a new generation. There is no better, more cost effective way to do so.